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Shipping is available within the Continental United States only. Regular Shipping (up to 7 Business Days). Gorant is unable to ship to P.O., APO, AFPO, or FPO Box. Street addresses containing a rural route, box, highway, or state route can only be accepted with a phone number of the addressee.  Special Delivery is required when shipping chocolate to warm weather climates to ensure product quality. When shipping any chocolate to a destination where the temperature is over 68 degrees, warm weather shipping applies. Ice packs and special packaging will be included when necessary. 

Delivery & Handling Chart (per recipient/address) 

  Total Order Weight     Regular Shipping     Warm Weather Shipping  
1-3 lbs. $11.95 $14.95
4-6 lbs. $12.95 $15.95
7-10 lbs. $13.95 $16.95
11-20 lbs. $15.95 $19.95
Over 20 lbs. Call for rates Call for rates

To place your order via phone, call toll free 1(800) 572-4139 ext. 248.

Shipping Schedule:
As a general rule, Gorant ships (via Ground Shipping) to west coast destinations and Texas on Mondays and to Florida on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Please note that we will hold orders to ship on these days. If your order needs special handling, please do not hesitate to call us 
toll free at 1-800-572-4139 ext. 248.

In the summer months, Gorant takes great care to avoid having your chocolate sit in a shipping terminal over the weekend, so it is our policy to not ship on Fridays between May and October.